Indonesian Delicious Mixed Rice

Indonesian Delicious Authentic Meal by Ny Ratna Kitchen Melbourne

In accordance with our commitment to continue to carry a variety of Delicious Indonesian Authentic Meal, This time we will serve:

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Ny Ratna Kitchen’s passion and commitment is to present a variety of Nusantara Delicious Meal with all authenticity

We have just completed 1 season, carrying 25 Authentic Delicious Nusantara Special Rice Packages once a week, now we are back to presenting the bestseller favorite packages until the end of the year.

Forget for a moment the current uncertain situation by indulging your palate with our special treats.

Let us tantalize your taste bud and satisfy your food craving! 


Pick Up – Friday

  • Highett 4.00pm-5.30pm

Pick Up – Saturday

  • Highett 13.30pm-3pm

ORDER CLOSED For Delivery or Pick up on Wednesday at 9pm

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Thank you for the attention and support from all customers and your order. We always look forward to your feedback and input from all of you.

COMBO SPECIAL – (Kode: CMASK) $25 Mie Ayam Super Komplit + Bakso Goreng Chicken (5pcs)

Tomato Dice

Kentang Dice

Sambal Kecap

Emping Belinjo

Whole Pre-cook Yellow Chicken with Sambal – Whole $20 (Vacuum Pack)

Could store months in the Freezer, you have a delicious meal in your freezer and if you want to eat it, Just fry or grill.

*We only use the fresh ingredients, and No MSG to deliver our finest!*



Bakso Goreng Chicken (5pcs , code: BG) $12.5

Whole Pre-cook Yellow Chicken with Sambal – Whole $20 (SAVE $4)

(Pre-cooked siap untuk digoreng atau dibakar dikemas dengan kemasan Vacuum)

*Kue available* 

Risoles @$3 (Weekend Only)

Lemper @$3.5 (Weekend Only) (Weekend Only)

Lumpia Semarang @$3.50 (Weekend Only) (Weekend Only)

Cendol Nangka @$5.00 (Weekend Only)

*Menu-menu lainnya juga tersedia* 

Ayam Bakar – Whole $25  

Ayam Goreng – Whole $24  

Nasi Bebek Special Madura (NBM)  JUST for this order $17.5 – (Sambal hijau | sambal merah | diatas bebek nya ada kelapa dan dinasi nya ada special bumbu nya)

Nasi Uduk dengan Empal (NUE) – Harga Khusus Group $17.50

Nasi Uduk dengan Ayam Goreng (NUAG) Harga Khusus Group $14.5

Nasi Uduk dengan Ayam Bakar (NUAB) Harga Khusus Group $16.50

Nasi Uduk dengan Iga Sapi Bakar (NUIB) Harga Khusus Group $17.50

Smashed Beef Ribs (SBR) Harga Khusus Group $11.50

Cuanki (Cari Uang Jalan Kaki) $12  

Batagor $12.50

Cwie Mie Special $12  

Nasi Goreng Ayam $12 

Nasi Goreng Udang $13.5  

Nasi Goreng Pete $12 

All Restaurant’s Menu also available for order.

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